// our SALONS //

At tendrils and curls® salons, our intention is to provide leading-edge, quality hair care and professional, unparalleled client service. Our team's expansive talent in styling, cutting, coloring, braiding, weaving and natural hair makes tendrils and curls® the premiere destination for naturally curly hair care service in the Houston Metropolitan area. With respect to our clients' time, tendrils and curls® is committed to minimal wait time, all the while maintaining our premier quality service. No double-booking ... no crowding ... no children. It's about time that your appointment is yours.


New to our salons? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A tendrils and curls® salon consultation is required for first time clients. We offer complimentary consultations at the beginning of every service for existing clients. This 15 minute consultation experience will cover such areas as the health and condition of your scalp, the texture of your hair, styling, and ensuring that your regimen and products used are appropriate for your goals and the condition of your hair, etc. This consultation enables you to mold the experience into a "you specific" service, depending upon your questions, issues and concerns. 

NOTE: In the event that you would like to receive additional services (e.g., styling, deep treatments, trim, etc.) on the day that you schedule your consultation, please schedule these services at the same time to ensure that time is reserved to complete these services following your consultation. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that an appointment time following your consultation will be available. 

ONE MORE THING ... regarding consultations that is ... The consultation is considered an educational service and in our experience, 15 minutes is sufficient to address both our areas of interest as well as your own. In the event that you desire a more in-depth experience, necessitating additional time, please contact us at 832-939-8549 to speak with our Salon Director regarding your interests and properly scheduling an appointment. 

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment if it is booked incorrectly online. All prices are an average for most clients, however, prices may increase due to thickness, length, texture, detangling, the addition of hair, and style options desired. Please review our policies for more detailed information regarding services, guests and style prep prior to booking.

$15 and up

NOTE: All pricing listed are starting prices. Your final costs may be adjusted based on factors such as

length, detangling time, the addition of hair, etc.  


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Early Bird Moisture Treatment + Trim Special

That’s right … Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (for a short period), receive a complimentary (free) Hydration Treatment (deep conditioner) + Trim with any service $65+ scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday to take place Tuesday, Wednesday or Wednesday!

Loyal Customer Package

Hydration Treatment (deep conditioner) + Trim + Two Strand Twists or Silk Press

$105 + (regularly $120+)


Gorgeous Hair Package

Curly Cut + Scrunch Lights + Hydration Treatment (deep conditioner) + Silk Press or Rod Set 

$250 + (regularly $280+)


First Timer Package

CONSULTATION + Silk Press or Two Strand Twists + Trim

$95 + (regularly $110+)

// perfect CURLS //

NOTE: Prices below do NOT include the addition of hair. For further questions, please contact the salon.

This cutting service is for new naturals transitioning from a relaxer or for clients heat damaged ends. Hair is shaped into a curly crop to compliment face shape and hair texture. For kinky, curly and wavy textures.  
$65 and up

This popular crochet extension style involves braiding the hair to the scalp and attaching curly extension or pre-twisted braid hair with a crochet hook. Perfect alternative to sew-in weaves for a curly wash and go look. The addition of hair is NOT included in the price listed below.  
$195 and up

Trendy popular twist extension style using a fluffy twist hair that provides a just past shoulder length fuller twist look. Services includes shampoo and conditioner service and extension hair. Hair is NOT included. 
$195 and up 

Medium to loose curly strands are set on traditional or flexi rods, thoroughly dried, moisturized and fingerstyled for a sensual, curly look.
$95 and up

Medium to long naturally curly strands are cleansed, heat protected and blown dry, then crafted into a sleek updo style that's perfect for conservative work environments or special events. Hair starts soft and is sleekly blown dried, sculpted and secured to reveal an updo. The addition of hair is NOT included in the price listed below.  
$85 and up


Goddess Braids can be described as large, more pronounced cornrows that lie on top of the scalp that range in number and style. This style is glamorous, classic and fashionable.  

$55 and up depending on the number of braids and the addition of hair


Textured strands are sectioned, twisted and twirled into perfectly coiffed Bantu Knots, which can be later released to reveal soft beautiful curls. The addition of hair is NOT included in the price listed below.  
$90 and up


This regal low-maintenance protective style earned its name in part as a result of the "box" or square-shaped parts typically created for each braid. However, parting variations are common. Additional hair is used for an overall uniform look in length and thickness. Cost of extension hair is additional. 

$200 and up 

NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS NOT A STAND ALONE SERVICE. This service is to be in conjunction with another service and includes no more than 1 inch and is meant to address the health of the hair. 


The stand alone trim is a dry trim service. No Shampoo, no Styling and your hair should be detangled. This service includes no more than 1 inch and is meant to address the health of the hair ... not create shape. 

$35 and up  

Two Strand Twists are twisted from the root to offer a natural, seamless look. Includes cleansing and conditioning service. Cost of extension hair is additional.  
$240 and up



This revolutionary cutting technique begins with the consultation - where you and your tendrils and curls® stylist will talk curl density and hydration level. This technique was designed for curls, waves and all natural textures. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in its natural state according to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. This service includes a curl coaching session with your Deva certified stylist and a personalized DevaCurl product prescription that makes it easy to maintain your style at home.  

$120 and up 

Our stylists are continuing to learn the most advanced and coveted techniques as we specialize in curls of all types ... no matter the curl pattern … no matter the texture. This process begins with the consultation—where you and your tendrils and curls® stylist will talk curl density and hydration level. Your stylist will then design your unique transformation service using dry cutting techniques.

$100 and up

Curly strands are cleansed, hydrated and styled with a curl definer and/or quick twisted according to the the clients hair texture, revealing perfectly defined, moisturized and elongated curls
$65 and up

Our signature curl safe thermal straightening designed for transitioning, naturally curly, or kinky hair gives your hair the "relaxed" look with maximum bounce, body, shine.  
$75 and up depending on length

Offers curl definition styling to short curlies with medium to tightly textured hair. Natural hair is fingercoil or comb twisted to reveal a curly, coily style.  
$85 and up (SUGAR LAND)

The Curly Cut (wet cut) is designed to create styled looks uniquely designed for our clients. We consider our clients desired look, their facial bone structure, facial shape, and trends when recommending and providing cuts. 
$75 and up

Popular updo style options for curly naturals desiring protection and freedom from everyday styling. Style usually lasts up to 3 weeks. The addition of hair is NOT included in the price listed below.  
$85 and up

Wet or dry hair is two strand twisted using moisturizing twist butter. Double-duty style can be worn twisted for two weeks or more and untwisted to reveal a twist out style.  
$75 and up depending on length

Perfect, low-maintenance style for short, medium to tightly coiled hair textures. Style can be separated after a week for a more freestyle look.  
$85 and up

Curly strands are twisted using our double strand twist method,
dried under a hooded dryer and untwisted to reveal a textured
twist out.  
$85 and up 

If you're looking to achieve elongation and plenty of volume, try our blowout service. This service is NOT our signature silkening. This service is a gentile blowout that that allows you to maintain texture and thickness. This service includes a wash, condition and  style (e.g., jumbo two strand twisted undo).   
$70 and up 

For those who just want a little tender, loving care. Let us take care of wash day. This service includes a shampoo and conditioner application to the hair with no additional services/styling.


We are committed to educating skillful, creative, and innovative stylists who are dedicated to the health, maintenance and styling of naturally textured hair. As such, our trainee program provides hands on experience under the watchful eye of our artistic and knowledgeable stylists. This program is specifically designed to be as hands-on for the client as it is for the trainee. This allowance enables the client to participate in the step-by-step process of their appointment (e.g., Q and A) as the trainee works toward the completion of their desired style. NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED

// straight STYLE //

Here at tendrils and curls®, you have choices ... we want the services you receive to fit your lifestyle. Whether your preference is to rock your natural kinks, coils, curls or waves or a sleek relaxed style, we are here to service you! Our main objective is to focus on the health of your hair. We've taken your suggestions on offering services for all hair types.  Our styles are here for our natural, transitioning, and those returning to a consistent straight style ... relaxer ...  

// expert COLOR //

This process involves lightening the hair to desired level and then toning it to the desired shade. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$140 and up

Lightens and tones new growth only.
$140 and up

Balayage™ is a natural look coloring technique that is ideal for clients who desire longer lasting color styling, without frequent retouching. Balayage is a freehand, French technique that adds dimension to individual curls. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$135 and up

A rinse is a temporary color that does not penetrate the cortex, but coats the outside of the hair shaft. It's perfect for last-minute touch-ups and safe for your tendrils and curls®.
$35 and up

Retouches new growth only with fresh color.

Sheer color on top of your hair or previous hair color, which has superior light reflection, giving you endless shine. Service does not include a style and must be scheduled in addition to your Hair Care Service.
$45 and up

An Express curl highlighting technique that gives curls brilliant dimension that is subtle and natural. Perfect for color newbies PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$90 and up


The pintura technique is similar to balayage, which is also hand-painting color on the hair. However, there are some important differences between the two. Pintura is painted curl-by-curl, where balayage slices out sections for highlight/lowlight without regard to texture or shape. 

$125 - $180

Traditional foil highlights that add a pop of color to the top and front of the head. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$85 and up

Traditional foil highlights that add full coverage color all over the head. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$175 and up

Single process color is all over, one dimensional color that can be used to darken or lighten hair up to 2 levels. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: A consultation is required.
$85 and up




// curls on LOC //


Cultivation of new locs. Maturation time depends on a number of factors. Consultation required before this service can be scheduled.

$95 and up  


Loc grooming using all-natural, holding product and thepalm-rolled twisting method. 

$75 and up  


Interlock weaving method of grooming new growth which permanently prevents unraveling.

$95 and up  


Hair is styled after Loc maintenance, including various updos, rope twists, rod curls, braids, etc. This is an add- on service after loc maintenance only.

$45 and up 


Loc repair of individually damaged locks. This treatment is an add-on to another service. Not available as a stand-alone service. 

$35 and up  


NOTE: THESE TREATMENTS ARE NOT STAND ALONE SERVICES (with the Exception of the Olaplex treatment) 

and MUST ACCOMPANY A STYLE SERVICE. For further questions, please contact the salon. 

// curly KIDDIES //

NOTE: These services are for children between the ages of 4 - 8. No exceptions. 

 Prices below do NOT include the addition of hair. For further questions, please contact the salon. 

//bridal SERVICES//

NOTE: The addition of hair NOT included in the prices listed above. 

NOTE: We provide Off-Site wedding services in the Houston metropolitan area. Please call or email for pricing.

A 100% deposit is required for the day of the wedding (non-refundable if cancelled less than 2 weeks before wedding).

// eyelash EXTENSIONS // 

// waxing SERVICES //